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The Alaotra Grebe, a small diving bird native to Madagascar has been officially classified extinct.  I think the 6% real estate commission may be next.

I heard the funniest thing in my yoga class this morning.  It’s not a ‘seniors’ class on purpose, but most of us are 50+.  We’re all working hard to stay limber and not fossilize.  Today, my matt was between Dick’s (he’s 77) and Joe’s (he’s 63) .

Our instructor, Robert, was demo-ing an arm stretch that involved reaching over the shoulder with one arm and up the back with the other.

‘It took me 15 years to get to the point where I could get my hands to touch,’ he said.

Dick,  looked up and said, ‘I haven’t got that much time!’

And, Oh by the way:  yesterday’s Tech Tuesday was excellent.  Tami Patzer took us through the first of four sessions on how to use Facebook to build your client base.  It’s not at all what you might think.  There are lots of little tips and tricks that make it work.  If you missed the live session, the recording is in the Download Library under Technology Training/Facebook + Social Networking.  The series continues next Tuesday, so put it in your calendar.  It’s not to be missed.

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