Help-U-Sell for Sellers

Home sellers love Help-U-Sell.  Not only do they save with our low set fee pricing, they also experience a freedom of choice in the process that they didn’t know possible.

For us, one size definitely does not fit all, and sellers may opt to go into the MLS (and offer a commission to a selling broker) – or not; to hold their own open houses (thus increasing the probability they will produce their own buyer and save the greatest amount of money) – or not; or to offer a selling fee to the Buyers’ Agents in our own offices – or not.  The best part is:  no matter what options they choose, in the end, they will pay a fee based on how the sale was made.  A seller choosing to go into MLS and offer a co-op commission who then finds his or her own buyer will pay only our low set fee, not the set fee plus the optional fee to the outside broker.

While commissions and Set Fees are negotiable, many traditional real estate firms charge as much as 6% of the selling price.  On a $300,000 sale, that could be $18,000!  With the Help-U-Sell System there are at least three ways a home could sell:

Note:  the ,950 Set Fee used in this example is just that: an example.  Set Fees vary from office to office and market to market. Set Fees and Commissions are always negotiable.

So, what does a seller get for the Low Set Fee?  Marketing power (listing on and dozens of syndicated sites, signage and inclusion in our ongoing local marketing) along with our negotiating and transaction management skills.  Many times this is enough to create a satisfactory sale.  Sometimes the additional involvement of the buyers’ agents in our offices and/or the MLS is required.  In any case, sellers almost always save over what they’d have to pay a traditional broker to sell their home.

With tightening markets and falling prices, Help-U-Sell makes even more sense today.  Our fee model enables sellers to price their property more competitively and retain more of their equity.  It’s a great solution!

Download a PDF of Help-U-Sell for Sellers

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