What Is Full Service In Real Estate?

Ordinary real estate brokers and agents are fond of saying Help-U-Sell Real Estate is NOT a Full Service Company.  They always seem to add at least 3 exclamation points at the end of any sentence that disparages our service! But the truth is:  we are.  We do everything ordinary real estate professionals do, but we do it extraordinarily.  Here is a sort video about this issue:

Help-U-Sell Brokers, if you can use this video in your marketing or on your website, just drop an email to support@helpusell.com and we can take care of it for you.

A Question to Ponder this Weekend

Your house is worth $400,000.  You list it for sale with ABC Realty (a fictional company) for, say 6%.  That’s $24,000.

You neighbor, in a smaller house worth $300,000, also lists with ABC and agrees to pay 6%.  That’s $18,000.

Why did you pay $6,000 more for the exact same service?

Isn’t that like you paying $100 for an oil change at the corner service station and your neighbor paying $60 at the same station for the same oil change?

Time to wake up, America.  Real Estate Brokers who charge a percentage of the sale price as a commission are dinosaurs.

Real Estate should be a fee-for-service business – very much like your dentist’s business – and paying a Set Fee for service is the only thing that makes sense.

Don’t be stupid!  If you need to sell, call America’s premiere Set Fee real estate organization, Help-U-Sell Real Estate, and save Thousands.

You can find a local office here.


Flashback Friday: I Am Help-U-Sell

Flashback Friday is what?  About 8 1/2 hours late this week.  For that I apologize.  But I think I have a good one to recycle today.  It’s from December 2009 and it’s a bit of a mantra or maybe an affirmation.  Since all good things begin with gratitude (not the other way around), here’s a little juice to prime your attitudinal pump:

I am Help-U-Sell.

I am grateful for a business model that generates a profit while saving sellers money

I am grateful for market data that enables me to make logical, structured marketing decisions

I am grateful for premeditated marketing that maximizes results

I am grateful for leads management that enables me to know when marketing produces results, where I need to work harder to convert leads, and who on my staff is performing well

I am Help-U-Sell

I am grateful for ‘Sold and Saved’ properties that tell the world that I am here, people use my service, and it works

I am also grateful for testimonials that say the same thing

I am grateful for my own special color:  Red, and for the signs that are recognizable a block away

I am grateful for car wraps

I am Help-U-Sell

I am grateful that I produce so many buyer leads that I need help to manage them all!

I am grateful that I can provide a place for a good agent to sell more real estate than they ever dreamed possible

I am grateful that I don’t need a huge retail space and dozens of desks to run my business

I am grateful that I am so feared by my competitors that they spread false rumors about me

I am Help-U-Sell

And I am IN the real estate business, not the recruiting business

I am Help-U-Sell and I live and die by the quality of the work I do for buyers and sellers and by the money I save them

I am Help-U-Sell, and I am grateful for the opportunity

I know that the system works and I am grateful to work the system

I am Help-U-Sell and even in the darkest hour I am optimistic about the future

I am Help-U-Sell and I will always find a way

I am Help-U-Sell and you can’t kill me

No matter what the turmoil, the chaos the bad decisions and broken promises, you can’t destroy me

I have a life of my own and I am bigger than any of the dogs that nip at my hem

I am Help-U-Sell.

I am well.

And I am ready for 2010.

Bring it on.

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