How to Rule the (Real Estate) World in 10 Easy Steps

In chronological order:

  1. Go after Listing market share (Get more than your share of listings,  have more signs out than your competitors)
  2. Get Lisitng market share by offering a better deal than everyone else (it’s the low set fee, remember?)
  3. Use your growing Listing market share to build consumer awareness and interest.  (In other words maximize signage through seller involvement, exploit marketing opportunities for things like ‘arounds.’)
  4. Become expert on capturing buyer inquiries and faithfully track and follow-up with in-bound calls (there is no such thing as a ‘throw-away’ lead).
  5. Hire staff to help you take care of the large number of buyer leads your growing Listing market share is creating.
  6. Hold your staff (and yourself) accountable.  Not everyone is up to performing at the standard you set.  Your job is not to save them but to move them out and find someone who can do it.
  7. Start counting closed sides and comparing your results with the MLS:  your TRUE market share, the one based on closed sides, should be growing.
  8. Become the easiest company in town to work with.  That means know your stuff and play nice.  Just don’t stop being who you are.
  9. Study your bottom line (by the way:  it’s probably irrelevant until you get to this point).  What could you do to create more revenue and minimize expenses?  Where can you be more efficient?
  10. Look for ways to give back to your community.  It has enriched you, now find ways to make it better.

NOW:  Let’s take a closer look at Step 1!

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