Help-U-Sell Success Summit Update #2

I am so excited to announce that Patricia Boyd will be joining us at next month’s Help-U-Sell Success Summit in Anaheim!  Patricia is the industry expert in how to use finance to create more sales.  She is a strong consumer advocate and that point-of-view runs throughout her many programs (in other words:  she’s a great match for Help-U-Sell!). She is the author of the book “How to Buy and Sell Your Home without getting ripped off”, President of Real Finance Solutions AND owns REAL FINANCE ADVOCATE certification program which is promoted by NAR on Realtor University.  You can learn more about Patricia on her WEBSITE and by watching this short video:

Don’t miss this great opportunity to grow your mind and your business! Register now by going HERE (it’s free). And then make your sleeping room reservations at the Hotel Menage: 714.758.0900

*The Help-U-Sell Success Summit takes place Nov. 14 – 16, immediately following the NAR Convention in Anaheim, CA. Our special room rate at the Menage is available from the 11th – when the NAR meeting begins – all the way through the Summit and even beyond. So take advantage of it to come in early, go to NAR (help us in the booth!), or stay over for a day at Disneyland.

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