How is Help-U-Sell Real Estate Different and Why is it Better?

“There has never been a home seller in the history of real estate who has been happy paying 6% to sell their home. No matter how much they love you, no matter how many glowing testimonials they write, when it comes time for closing and they look down at the commission line on the HUD-1 Closing Statement and see 6% – $30,000 – they ghasp inside.  What the heck did I get for my $30,000?”

This is a 12 minute encapsulation of my presentation at the Help-U-Sell meeting in Hawaii.  Help-U-Sell Brokers:  you might want to share this one.

Saving the MOST When Selling

There is a new tool for Help-U-Sell Brokers and Agents to use with home sellers during the listing consultation process. This little video was designed to help sellers understand the benefits of participating in the marketing phase of the selling process. It’s something we’ve always offered our sellers as a means of maximizing their savings, but honestly – it’s something we haven’t done a great job of selling.

People list with ordinary brokers and then find their own buyers all the time. Unfortunately, that means nothing in terms of what they’ll pay in commission. Ordinary brokers gleefully write the deal up and then charge . . . full fare. At Help-U-Sell, if a seller finds his or her own buyer, they pay LESS – because we charge our fee based on how the house sells.

Of course, seller participation is always an option; it’s not something a seller has to do, and many choose to let their Help-U-Sell office handle everything – which is fine.  But those interested in saving the most wisely choose to take on some of the small tasks mentioned in this video.  Give a look!

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